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Brainstorm how-to: Use your words!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

One of our all time favorite brainstorming processes was found, along with many other amazing ideas, via a HubSpot Blog Post.

"Word games can be powerful ways to help remove you from the traditional mindset that tends to produce generic, unoriginal ideas. If you're trying to get out of an idea rut, try adding a few games to your meeting to drum up some out-of-the-box thinking.

One great word exercise is creating a "word storm." To create a word storm, write down one word, and then brainstorm a whole slew of words that come to mind from that first word. Try thinking about the function of that word, its aesthetics, how it's used, metaphors that can be associated with it, and so on. Let the ideas flow naturally, and don't over think it -- this is meant to be a creative exercise.

Once you've listed out a bunch of words, group them together according to how they're related to one another. The goal? To come up with those less obvious words or phrases your audience might associate with whatever project you're working on.

You can record the word storm on a piece of paper or a whiteboard or by using this online word storm tool to create a visual map -- which you can save, export, and send to the team after the meeting.

Mind mapping is another powerful brainstorming tool to visualize related terms and ideas. Create a diagram starting with a central idea, and then branch out into major sub-topics and then sub-sub-topics. You can create mind maps either on paper or a whiteboard or by using something like MindNode app.

Finally, another word game you could try is coming up with what Creative Bloq calls"essence words:" Words that capture the spirit, personality, and message you're trying to put across -- even if they seem crazy. You might find that it helps spark other ideas down the line." -HubSpot

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