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The Four Pillars of an Effective Web Presence: #2 - Digital Marketing

When we talk about Digital Marketing for Small to Midsize businesses (SMB) the most crucial component is Search Ranking. The first search engine we think of of course is Google. Google search owns the world, it’s estimated unique monthly visitors are 1,600,000,000 (Ranking By SEO)

Knowing that helps us focus on who we want to align our strategy with starting out. Things have changed and continue to change in how Google assigns or ranks relevance to your website, blog, white paper or any other content you are posting. Now, even the searchers intent is being considered along with other more traditional factors. So for all the fakers and dead end sites out there, time is running out. Google is very tough on sites that do nothing more than mimic another site, so original content as well as relevant content is becoming more and more important. This is great news for those companies that actually do what they are advertising they do, and do it better than their competition.

So our first area of concern is to clean up your sites search results. We will search your business and see what comes up on Google as well as Bing, YouTube (yes they are more and more being considered a search engine) etc. We will help to correct incorrect information as well as kill off false links.

Content is King, without content there is no reason to have a website.

Next, we want make sure your content is as original as it can be so you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. We will help you to develop original content while we tell your story. We do this with articles, reviews, YouTube videos, and we are always looking for more and better ideas to help us do that. However in the end it is the perceived value of the proposition to the customer that will determine how many lookers are converted to buyers.

Digital Lately works with you to bring your own unique vision of your service or business to your prospects, and help you achieve your business goals.

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